Welcome to Whetstone Coaching Services!

Sharpen Your Vision of Tomorrow

Hello, my name is Chat Leonard,

I am a certified professional business, life and career coach, and I am the founder of Whetstone Coaching Services. Thanks for stopping by!

Welcome to Whetstone Coaching Services!

Sharpen Your Vision of Tomorrow

Hello, my name is Chat Leonard,

I am a certified professional business, life and career coach, and I am the founder of Whetstone Coaching Services. Thanks for stopping by!

I should probably answer your first burning question: “What the heck is a whetstone?”

Glad you asked! It’s a tool that’s been around for thousands of years used to sharpen cutting instruments such as an axe, a chisel or a scalpel. When such sharpened precision instruments are placed in the hands of a skilled craftsman, artist or surgeon, they’re used to complete artisan projects, create masterpieces of art or perform surgical miracles.

In much the same way as the whetstone, my coaching style is designed to sharpen and enhance your own skills, your own perspective and your plan of action, to put you in a position to excel on your terms and at your pace, whether in business or life. I am truly passionate and excited to help you create your next masterpiece!

About Me

So, now we’ve got that whetstone thing figured out, the next question is…
“Who is Chat Leonard and what are his credentials?”

Well, I grew up in Germany and England before eventually settling in the US over 30 years ago. I have 35+ years of experience in the corporate world, from start-ups to international corporations, coaching for sales excellence and leadership mastery, along with myriad successes (and a few failures!) as a spouse and parent, all of which have afforded me the opportunity to learn life’s lessons from both the highs and the lows.

In addition to a lifetime of coaching in different aspects of business and leadership, I have also honed my formal coaching disciplines and skills by completing my professional coaching certification through the Coach Training Alliance, which is accredited by the ICF, the International Coaching Federation, and I am an active ICF Member in the Orange County chapter.

I want to put all my skills and experiences in the service of helping my Clients excel in their chosen career, in their personal relationships, and in their personal wellbeing…simply put, to help you savor a life well-lived!

Some Questions… and a few Answers!

What are the benefits of Professional Coaching?

There are myriad benefits depending on your unique, individual circumstances, but the main goal is to move my Clients from being stuck to gaining new perspectives and creating new, purposeful opportunities for themselves, whether at work, home, gym, school, wherever!

How does Professional Coaching work?

Typically, I conduct coaching sessions from my office by phone or video chat. Coaching sessions occur 3 or 4 times per month for 50 minutes, with additional email support as needed. My coaching style is conversational and fun while also insightful and intuitive, to help you create results-driven action plans to boost productivity, enhance skills and provide clarity.

Is coaching like a therapy session?

No, it most certainly is not! I am a certified professional coach, not a licensed therapist. So, my role is not to conduct deep psychoanalysis or dig into the history of your personal issues. My goal is to encourage Possibility Thinking, to work with you in the Now, to help you construct a better Next.

Who are my Clients?

The successes and defeats in my own life journey give me a special passion for helping business executives dealing with divorce to create successful new chapters in their career and life.

But on a wider level, it’s men, women…

  • Seeking new ways to excel, set and achieve bigger goals;
  • Looking to build new leadership and relational skills to take their career (and income) to the next level;
  • Working to find harmony in their work-life priorities;
  • Wanting to leave frustration and procrastination behind and move into Possibility Thinking;
  • And yet others just needing help getting back on track and holding them accountable to follow through on the changes they’ve pledged to make in their life.

How do I know if coaching will help me?

Really, the question isn’t so much will coaching help you – there’s almost no doubt we can all benefit from some good, solid coaching! The more pertinent question is, will MY coaching help YOU?

And the beautiful thing about that question is you can take me and my coaching skills for a test drive! It’s called a Sample Session, it’s a complimentary 15- or 20-minute coaching session, which will help determine if we’re a good fit. You can schedule your complimentary Sample Session by filling out the contact form below. I look forward to hearing from you and have you take me for a Test Drive!

What Other Are Saying

I have benefited tremendously from working with Chat. As a working mom and small business owner, having the support of a life/business coach and the space to think things through more fully has helped me to steer both my life and my businesses in positive directions. Chat’s expertise from the business world has been invaluable, and his approach to coaching allowed me to be open to new ideas, to shift gears, and to make hard decisions when needed. Throughout my time with Chat, I have felt supported, encouraged, and respected, all while also receiving the feedback I needed about what was and was not working well within my business.

Jordyn T.

Chat is a patient, skilled listener. He manages our time very efficiently, quickly recognizing the key points of my “project”. Chat asks relevant questions, and provides eloquent, sensible approaches on how to proceed. I would highly recommend Chat to anyone looking for coaching help or fresh ideas on how to get beyond an impasse.
Mike E., CA

Chat is an amazing business and life coach!  He helped me think through possible solutions for a troubling time in my life. Chat’s patience, kindness and guidance helped me clarify my next steps which moved me from a cloudy to a clear path forward!  Thank you, Chat!
Jennifer K., NY

Goal Setting and Getting

Goals are important, results are essential! I will help you build the steps to SET your professional and life goals, and help you sustain the determination, drive and discipline to GET your goals, so you live a life of purpose, affluence and contentment.


Career Planning

A brighter future awaits you! We will co-create new perspectives and direction for your professional future, whether you’re entering the workplace for the first time, making mid-career changes or strategizing to move further up the corporate ladder.

Workplace Politics and Dynamics

It’s a jungle out there! I will help you clear a path through the turmoil of office politics, silo thinking and resistance to change to create a more productive and harmonious workplace for you and your teams.

Relationship Coaching

Helping you navigate the choppy waters of personal relationships is a passion of mine! I will work with you to rise above relational frustrations to find fulfillment and peace.



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